A fatal Bug of activating a license in MacOS

OS: Mac OS Catalina version 10.15.1
App: MarginNote3

There is a fatal bug to let you know.
Even though after purchasing it (full license), when I open the app, “in-App Purchases” pop-up shows to choose

. Trial expired
. Unlock Full Version
. Upgrade to Full Version at a discounted price
. Restore Purchase
. Free MarginNote Viewer

It makes to feel regretful using MarginNote 3 app.

No effective when I choose “Restore Purchase”. I can’t find any ways to activate a license.

I raised this issue and replied by myself.

I am too much shameful about that there is no exact induction on your website.

OS: Mac OS Catalina version 10.15.1

Please providing informative induction to users on your website.

  1. Do not install MarginNote3 from Mac App store (Comment to YOU: Please withdraw any software that you are servicing in Mac App store.)

  2. Download a software from https://www.marginnote.com/.

  3. Once installed, then go to your Application folder on your Mac and right-click on the software and press ‘Open’, a pop-up will appear, click ‘open’ again.

  4. Put your license code when popped up.

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Hello, Kyungil,

I’m sorry about it, and we will launch English Wiki project as soon as possible.

I surmise that you tried to activate MN3 by education coupon code. So you should have gotten an email from us. You may ignore this point “iOS and macOS are separate platforms, therefore MarginNote 3 on iOS is sold separately”.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused.

MN Support Team