A suggest for a new annotation tool: Collapsable sticky note

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( A lot like the sticky note one can add in to PDF files in PDF Expert. )

You can write in it (with the Apple Pencil of course) and when you are done writing, you can collapse it into a little icon which you can move it around freely in the PDF file!
The option to delete the sticky note is obviously also important and the option to clear all the sticky notes in the PDF file will also be very nice!

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MN is all new designed study tool which logic is pretty different with traditional PDF tools.

In the MN, the pdf is just researching materials. Based on this study materials, MN help your comprehension by its core Outliner and Mindmap.All your notes is saving in the separate Notebook format of MN and did nothing edited in original documents.

Back to your sticky needs, what’s your demand is just write down sth about this section.You can use outliner to create a new node which automaticly locate where you’re reading. And editing this new node, mutil tools like recorder, pencil,image could be used for what we called comments to this node.

Yeah, I know: the idea behind MN is great :+1:t3:

Your suggestion is actually good although it does not replace the sticky note feature in my mind.

Sticky note is an PDF standard API ,not PDF expert’s creative feature.MN has an SQL datebase for orgainze all your inputs and annotations in madmap. Sticky note based on PDF format is in PDF format data which is not in SQL datebase of MN. This influence the DATA management. At last, MN don’t make any change on PDF docs. How to save these sticky is a question unless MN start to edit PDF. It will be a huge modification.

Oh, okay.
I was not aware of that. Since I’m not a programmer I guess it’s OK for me not to know this

I rest my case :wink:

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