Ability to freely scale pasted images

While pasting images from the clipboard in MarginNote, it is not possible to scale images freely beyond a certain size. Pasted images have size limitations and after a certain amount the images do not scale.

This is very problematic since images which are used to provide more clarity to notes, must be legible and easily viewable. Some images are required to be larger than the current size constraints.

Currently it seems margin note does not anticipate that users use the mind maps/child maps themselves to study and read notes. Exporting to flash cards is a feature I am yet to use or have any intention to do. I use margin note to make notes which I can easily reference by referencing back to the mind maps. My notes make heavy use of images, and currently without being able to resize the images the canvas must be constantly zoomed in to make sense of the images. There should be no limitation/constraints as to how large images can be scaled so they can easily be viewed without having to zoom in.

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Sorry about that. Replied to the wrong post

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