Abnormal of word size

I try to bring this into concern but Im not sure if it is feature requests or kind of bug.

When dragging the right bottom corner of the excerpt to change the size, word size change as well. Now when I click into it and changing the word size like from 20 to 16, but that 16 is not the same size with the 16 before changing the excerpt size. I hope there is a lock that i can remain the word size while changing the size of excerpt. Also the word size should be stiff defined, size 16 is always 16 no matter how you the excerpt size change.

Thank you for your letter, would you be able to upload some screenshots or videos describing it in detail? That way I can help you better.

Just as shown in the picture. After I change the size of excerpt, word size is no longer normal. The size of 16 is different in the 2 excerpt. I guess it might be taking the word size proportional to the excerpt size.

And in fact, i also hope that MN can add the feature of adjusting the width of the excerpt automatically according to the word pattern. Now when i edit it at the left canvas(shown in the picture). If the length of sentence in a line is too long for the small excerpt in mindmap, the word will squeeze to the next line. In poem, pattern is important. The sentence need to stop at the accurate place.


Hi, the actual font looks 20 in the notes edit box. If you mean drag and drop to change the size of the notecard, this will definitely change the appearance size of the font in the brain map.

Kind Regards,
Support Team