Add Another Search Engines

Hello Developers,

Thank you for the MarginNote development.
But, I wish the below Search Engines will be added additionally as a Feature in MacOS and IPad OS.
(As you know, Baidu is not international.)

Otherwise, can you update Feature that users can add user-friendly search engines by themselves if my request is not allowed?

Dictionary Search
. Longman

Text Search
. FireFox
. Duckduckgo

Question Search
. Reddit

PDF Search
. FireFox
. Duckduckgo

For the better updates on MarginNote, I wish you consider to add the search engines.

Kind regards,


Hello, currently in the settings you can customize the URL for the research window.Hope this helps.

Hello. Thank you for your reply. But, your comment doesn’t meet my need.
I can’t search through a customised website such as Mozila (Firefox), Duckduckgo kinds of those search engines.

If you see the figure including my idea (module 1 or 2), you can understand what I mean.
I hope MarginNote programmers will consider my idea.

Hello. Just in case that I worry if search engines are included in MarginNote, then MarginNote can be a heavy application. I don’t want MarginNote heavy. I prefer light MarginNote.

So I am satisfied with the current MarginNote regarding Research section in Preferences.

If others will raise to request the same as my wishlist, then please consider it again whether custom search engines are included additionally or not.

Many thanks for Support-Team.


Thank you for writing in. I have already raised your request to our Development team. As mentioned earlier, all user requests will be considered and implemented but we cannot assure a time frame when it will be put into effect. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any assistance and we will be happy to provide further help.