Add automatic title capitalization

Hi! I often create a title for a note card by marking a phrase from the excerpted text and click “As title”. This saves me a lot of time, because I don’t have to always double click the title box and type in a title manually.

Could you make it so that the title gets automatically capitalized when clicking on “As title”? Now it only copies what is marked, without making the first letter uppercase and I still have to change capitalization manually. Titles looks so much better when at least the first word is capitalized/first letter is upper case. Even better would be if you could add the option to make titles follow real title capitalization rules, where not only the first word is capitalized.
Here is an example of auto capitalization:

This would make note cards easier on the eyes and make life easier for users who like proper titles.

Go to main page , in the botton left , are 3 dots, clicked (…) is the settings
Next , “Note Style” and Uppercase.

Thanks Lola, this solves part of the problem but creates another one. Now all the letters in the title are upper case. It certainly looks more striking than all lower case, but it would look way better if it just stuck with lower case letters and just capitalized certain words (at least the first word).

If you Gonna expor to anki , there is a command in Css, “ capitalize “hope the developers can help you