Add feature to "hide" note from mindmap/outline so we can customize flashcards better


The motivation here is to create SRS flashcards that would work well in Anki. Often, the exact text from the note is not very suitable for a flashcard, however each flashcard is directly tied to a note. So to change the flashcard, you have to change the note.

First I thought about making flashcards and notes separate but synced entities, but that’s probably too complex. A simpler method is letting us hide notes.

This way, I can create a note, customize it to read just how I want to see the flashcard, then hide it so it won’t appear in outline/mind map/exports - because a good flashcard doesn’t necessarily make a good note and it’s just clutter that duplicates an already existing note. It would only appear as a flashcard in Review, and also in a new window to be accessed by a new menu option like “Show list of hidden notes”.

Hello, spunkmeyer,
You mean that there are more than one comments in a mindmap card. And it will be convenient for you to make flashcards, if you are able to hide some of these comments. Right?