Add shortcut to add comments to notes

Hello everyone,

I hope that you, your friends and families are all save and sound.

I just started using MarginNote about 3 weeks ago and it has already revolutionized the way I am studying. Big thumbs up to the developers.

I am using MargineNote 3 on my MacBook as well as my iPad.

Now to my feature request #1 (for MacBook) :

  • Could you please add a keyboard shortcut to quickly add a typed comment to a selected note?

I add a lot of notes to my mindmaps, that aren’t based on any pdf (aren’t from an annotation). Right now, I can use Shift to add a new note and immediately type the title. But if I then want to add a comment, I need to use the mouse and click in it. I usually add several comments per note. So every time I need to use the mouse again. It really slows down the workflow. A shortcut to add comments would thus be awesome.

Thank you so much,