【Added】Research: Allow custom search URL's

Please add a function to use a custom search URL’s for research.

Use case: When researching legal cases, I need to look up either the law (as the civil code in this example) or a specific case. There are specialized databases (Juris and Beck-Online) where I can find this information, which is generally not available via Google etc. Would love to be able to do this.

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Hi Nils,

Please give us more information about all the potential databases custom URL format. We will try to make better compatible with more really professional reasearching engines.
And is these custom URLs could be used in Chrome/Firefox custom searching settings?

Best regards,
Support Team

You can add both as custom search engines in Chrome. As you can do that with a lot of databases, I’d suggest to add the possibility to query a custom URL to some tabs (i.e. I don’t need Google Scholar when I can query a specialized database).

The schema for Beck-Online is

I’ll add the second schema later today.

I‘ve reached out to both companies- what exactly do you need to implement this?

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Just some example to test. Like ‘%s’ below to replace the words to search.

And as you mentioned,
So the only thing we need to do is supportting url with %s ?

By the way, what kind of device do you use by now? Ipad or mac?

Yes, supporting the URL and replacing the %s with the search term would be great! That way one could easily implement many sites into the research browser!

It doesn‘t seem to work for the second database I need (Juris) as they‘re not displaying the term in the URL:

They‘ve promised to get back to me- maybe there‘s a solution.

A third tool that could possibly be a workaround for Juris would be a search such as Dejure.org (Link) which is a Chrome extension. Alternatively, this site works with https://dejure.org/cgi-bin/suche?Suchenach=%s as wll.

Device: I‘m on Mac and iPhone but consider switching to an iPad for the pen.

Having user-customisable search engines would be very nice. There are so many different academic fields and country-specific sites that it should be up to the user to set this.

Hi, it has put into our consideration now to custom replace bing or google with other links. Thanks for your advice.

Dear Lanco

Thank you. That sounds like something that would make the Research feature very useful indeed.


Decided:add in update 3.4 which probably be released mid Aug.

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