Adding excerpts from research tab


I received a mail from you regarding Third party cloud sync in version 3.7. Can you plz provide me approximate date/time when the 3.7 version will be updated?.will google drive sync available In it?.
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Can u plz develope following feature in the app:

1)taking excerpts from research tab From a particular website, in such a way that if the excerpt in the mind map tapped that particular web page should be opened directly in the research tab.

2)this will help in making notes directly from internet,web.i will be even better if you provide annotations to web page too in the research tab.

3)with this feature the app will be in next level.

4)atlest hidden link to the mind map will be better for the excerpts taken from the research tab to directly open particular web page in the research tab

5)this will help students and reaserchs to great extent instead of importing. Volumes of pdfs and books for small information in the whole book.

6)plz develope it .it is Much needed

Hope this to be addressed

Thank u

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