Adjusting Frameworks/Group box size and layout

Can you adjust the framework size rectangle?
Cant seem to drag the framework/group box to be smaller/bigger.
Like in the mindmap box you can do:

Also, how do you arrange the childs layouts side by side/ above and below?
What I wanted:
What is shown:

The framework mode has own disadvantages.
The size of framework is based on how much card it has. Unfortunately the users can’t arrange it.

I was also requested about framework group comment section in the past.

The user can’t make unfortunately side decision as you show.
In tree mode, the upper the card level means; the closer position you get to title in framework mode.
The system designed for making square of your cards even if you have 4 notes or 40 notes, it doesn’t matter.

Thank you for replying.

Are you the developer? Just curious have you ever used Microsoft Visio?
Visio has containers (it is similar to MN3 framework boxes) that can contain everything (images, text boxes) and it is adjustable. I was thinking MarginNote would be great if it implements an adjustable framework like in Visio container. But yes I get that MarginNote’s focus is more into converting mind map nodes into container-like format but still remains connected with mind map structure.

Kudos to developer who has this terrific idea. Just a small nitpick I had that it needs freedom to adjust the position of the nodes and the box.

No I am just MN user.
I haven’t used Microsoft Visio, but similarly I tried Miro app for framework type work.