Allow Opening From ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents/ Without Reimport

My MarginNote directory (~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents/) is indexed with my DEVONthink database. When opening a file from this directory using DEVONthink or Finder, MarginNote reimports the file in the last directory browsed in the MarginNote file explorer.

It would be nice to open books from ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents/ without MarginNote making an unnecessary copy of them.


Running chflags -R uchg ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents resolves this issue.

To add new files, run chflags -R nouchg ~/Library/Containers/QReader.MarginStudyMac/Data/Documents, add them, then run the first command again to lock them.