An extension or a built in feature to remove formatting automatically while pasting from the internet-for Ipad

When copy and pasting from the safari browser or research browser they are copied with they formatting.(hyperlinks, font size, bold…)

Therefore we can’t maintain a clean mind map. These nodes stand out from other nodes which are grabbed from pdf. If they follow the default font settings mind maps would be very clean and not be appeared like a mess.

For the mac version there may have many extensions/softwares. For the iPad version there is no such softwares. Therefore could you please consider about making an extension or built in feature for iPad.

This is precisely where we need the very standard “paste unstyled text” or “paste and match format” commands that are ubiquitous in most Mac applications that deal with styled text. It’s a foundational function that needs implementing.

As a side note: you can select a range of excerpts and clear formatting. That command isn’t everywhere and I have trouble finding it but it does exist. Select several excerpts and from the “…” menu choose “Clear Formatting”

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Thank you so much @happycatmachine for your suggestion.:grinning: I tried clear formatting option. But the problem is it can’t be used for single node and also for multiple node it is much time consuming.
Why couldn’t MN team use this tech for automatic format removing?

Any response? @Sushi_Support-Team @Support-Team @QSD_Support-Team @Edward_Support-Team @Relight_Support-Team @Relight_Support-Team :laughing:

Thank you for your suggestion. Our team will discuss it soon - perhaps we will have a paste-unstyled-text plugin feature in the future.

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