An extremely quick and easy way for search function (SEARCH BUTTON BESIDE RESEARCH BUTTON )๐Ÿ‘ˆ

Currently if we want to search something in documents we have to-
click search buttonโ€”>type or copy (if long)โ€”>paste.

This is time consuming and hard to do for few times. (Eg-Anterior tympanic artery. It contains three words. Therefore lot of time consuming for terms like this)

Therefore my suggestion is to introduce SEARCH BUTTON BESIDE RESEARCH BUTTON for both document screen and mind map screen.

(This is to find other sources of a word/term.)

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Actually you don't need to copy/type what you found online - you can just simply select them and then drag them to the existing card (as a comment), or drag to somewhere empty (to create a new card). This will make your work more efficiently I hope.

For searching the words, adding this button is kinda similar with the workflow you currently have - and we cannot assign an official website for the dictionary, so you still need to google - basically no difference.

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Support Team

I think you havenโ€™t read my request correctly/fully.
I havenโ€™t mentioned about internet searching or dictionary.

This is about a shortcut to search across all documents in a study note.

@Support-Team @QSD_Support-Team @Edward_Support-Team @Relight_Support-Team

Sorry about the misunderstanding.

Yes I think this is a very useful function, thank you for your suggestion.
I have forward this to our developer team.

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