An improvement in the search function-important

Consider about a study note with 10 documents.
If we search a word in the 1st tab (1st document) and then if we want to look at the search results for 8th or 9th tab(document) we have to scroll down insanely.
Therefore search across all documents function has become useless even with a moderate size search result.

My suggestions for this issue-
“Skip to next document” and "skip to previous document) options for the search panel.
Search results appear as toggle list for each document(tab).
When changing the tab, search results change for the document accordingly.

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Thats another reason I try to capture whole document page as a mind map card. Its easier to search in ‘‘mindmaps’’ because of classified search speciliaty that you exampled.
I hope it will be same speed with that improvement on doc too.

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Thank you for your advice. I have forwarded your suggestion to our developer team and we will discuss this soon.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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I think the 3rd method I mentioned (When changing the tab, search results change for the document accordingly) is the best.

We will be looking at this shortly - there are indeed a lot of improvements we could do about this search system, and I personally believe your idea is a very good solution. But right now there are currently a lot of compatibility/stability problems we need to fix urgently, so please be patient!
Sorry about the inconvenience.