I would like to know abou new ANKI export (custom templates). How will it work?

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Hello, this feature is designed for users who need to use custom templates, such as if you have your own design anki template, including The fields and css , which can be exported as apkg files from your template in the desktop version of anki. Then click the custom button in Marginnote3 and select your apkg template to import.

Where Can I export template on anki desktop ? Do you mean export a exemple card with the template i want to marginnote use ?

Is there a help topic or video explaining this feature?

Hello, the main function of Custom Template is to use the field list to convert and correspond the content of your notes, that is, which of your note fields you want to display on the front of the template and which you want to display on the back. In the export screen, you need to set the correspondence between the MarginNote note data and the Anki card fields. the MarginNote note data includes:

| MarginNote Notes Data | Meaning |
| MarginNote card front (problem) | Export Anki in the front of the card |
| The back of the MarginNote card (notes) | Exporting Anki in the back of the card |
| Remarks (for search) | All text content in the notes, including OCR recognition results for easy retrieval in Anki |
| MarginNote Backlinks | This link goes to the location of the MarginNote brain map where the note is located. |
| child node links | child nodes of this note, generating image previews in Anki |