Annotation Stuck (doesn't register every time I touch the iPad)

This happens in the worst times, which are in lectures unfortunately.
when I try to write something, it lags. meaning, it only registers every second stroke of the pencil. if I wait between each stroke, like a 1 second, then it’s fine, but that means writing a word in about 15 seconds.
I’m using the PencilKit Toolbar since it’s more convenient.

Do you think it’s a problem with my iPad? (Using iPad pro from 2018) Maybe it’s too slow so the app it slows the app?
maybe because it’s trying to sync while I’m writing and then I get a slowdown?
maybe it’s the PencilKit integration?

would love some suggestions on what I should try to make this work again.


Will this problem be caused if you try to use Apple’s writing engine?

Kind Regards,

Support Team

I am using Apple’s engine AKA PencilKit.
I’ll try and use Marginnote’s engine and see if it fixes anything.