Why do annotations not show up in the mindmap ? I’d like for text annotations to appear there directly

When you say annotations, do you mean excerpts / highlights?

There’s a setting under ‘excerpt settings’ to the them automatically to mindmap

Thanks for the replay. I mean the annotation tab (directly adjacent to the excerpt tab). I don’t want to take anything from the PDF in my notes, just what i write in the margins.

I’d like to write on the margin, and have that appear on the mindmap, with an anchor to the location in the pdf


Actually I couldn't really understand your situations, maybe some pics could help describe the question more clearly. Let me try to figure out. If you have any more questions, feel free to contact us again.

Only the excerpts can anchor to the pdf, and only the annotations on the pdf will display on the pdf. (The mindmap ones couldn't.) So maybe you can write on the margin then excerpts your annotations. If the margin isn't enough to write, you can use "crop/leave blank". You can find this feature in the "..." tab in the top-right corner of the pdf.

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Support Team