Any Other App that makes similar to “Title link "?

Do you guys know any other app has simillar title link function

İ mean link from one word to another(s) same words BUT works in PDF

İn margin note it is not usable because of slurring recognation

You use the word “slurring” but it doesn’t seem to describe the offset that you are describing in your original post, I could be misunderstanding your annotated screenshot. To combine a request for information with a “bug report” by quoting yourself…well, nevermind.

DevonThink, I believe, has this function.

I don’t think it works in PDFs though, just in editable files. I could be wrong. I turned it off a long time ago because I found it rather annoying.

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they understand but they dont care
i ll change the title like u said

not a single user can use this speciality i think with this BUG

i just want to make and combine my own pdf slike or wikimed app (there is a screenshot atteched)

i really want to use that feature
i think there are many others too

this will be fundemental for users works with only document perspective
and it will be succeeded as pdf (not a editable text) if they solve the bug, which will bring this app so many users and likes.

thanks for reply

Title Link does work for me, flawlessly. I too think this is a very nice and important feature.

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It can be very fundemental tool for productivity

As you know Obsidian find the new word while writing and ask “do you want to connect this to old that note” which is called backlink

margin note will have own backlink type speciality if they can solve this bug, also the users can flawlessly create their own Dictionary while reading smt which is amazing to imagine.