Anyone obsessed with frameworks ? ⏹

Continuing the discussion from Take all information to mind map:

With lots of beauty of mind map orientation study, is there anyone who is using “framework mode” for the study? In which parts ? For which information especially? I wonder your thoughts…


I had criticised othe box figure of cards in MarginNote old times because of the limits and borders especially about size in old times

Although I insist my ideas about the “size” and “access” limitations of cards and I think lots of people waiting upgrades about that issue too:


Lately I changed into the framework mode from tree mode. And it Hugely change my perspective of look to this app and box figures.

I think 3 reasons you should try framework instead of tree mode…

  1. if the information you are handle are SO BIG (because after lots of card you will kind of lose the orientation in “tree” mode)
  2. if you need to compare your information so so MUCH. (For example in medicine)
  3. if you want to use information with pictures a LOT.


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Thanks for sharing. I sometimes wish that it were possible to set the Framework branch style to be the default, as it is a much clearer and compact layout visually; I now only use the Tree branch layout rarely.

I think a setting here would be great.


Can you adjust the framework size rectangle?
Cant seem to drag the framework/group box to be smaller/bigger.
How do you arrange the childs layouts side by side/ above and below?