Apple Pencil 1 vs 2

When using the selection tool on an iPad Mini 5 with Apple Pencil 1, the select tool behaves like a finger; I need to tap and hold to select text, otherwise the document is scrolled.

With the Apple Pencil 2 on the new iPad Pros, the select tool behaviour is exactly as expected - dragging selects, without the need to tap and hold.

Can this please be fixed for Apple Pencil 1?

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Dear Margin Note Team

I am still experiencing this issue, where Apple Pencil 1 on iPad Mini 5 does not select text when the select tool is active. Instead, it scrolls the document. Please can this be looked into?

Dear Lanco

For me, the Apple Pencil 1 for iPad Mini 5 works but it behaves like a finger when the select tool is chosen:

Drag = Scroll document
Tap + Hold = Select

With Apple Pencil 2 on iPad Pro 2018, the behaviour is correct:

Drag = Select
Tap + Hold = Highlight instead of Select

Can the Apple Pencil 1 on iPad Mini 5 be changed to the correct behaviour please?

Kind regards,


Dear Lanco

Was the bug able to be replicated by the development team?

Yes, we found a mini5 and tested this issue. All goes well.

You need to be sure all of these options is on in this interface.According to our test, especially the first option will lead to your issue.

Thanks Lanco

Changing this setting is what was needed.


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