Ask me to purchase again and again

I jave purchased the subscription, but after few days it ask me to purchase again, and when i click purchase again it says you have already purchased the subscription. How can i stop this nonsense.


1. Check the version of MarginNote you bought:

  • Given that iOS and macOS are of two separate operating platforms, iOS and macOS apps are sold separately. The purchase of the macOS app (be it license version or the one from the Mac AppStore) can't be used on the iOS AppStore, and vice versa.
  • There are two macOS versions issued on separate platforms: A.Apple’s Mac App Store. Falls under Apple’s Terms and Conditions, licensed directly through the individual user’s Mac AppStore account. B.Outside of the Mac App Store. Licensed as activation code. So the activation code doesn’t support the App Store version. Please download the installation image via

2. Make sure you've downloaded/installed the app using the same purchasing Apple ID.

  1. Please check the detailed order info of your MarginNote 3 purchase and see under which exact Apple ID the order was placed:
  2. If it is installed using a different Apple ID under which there is no in-app-purchase item of MarginNote 3, then no recoverable item would be restored(All purchased items are linked with your downloading Apple ID).
  3. In case you are not sure about which account you've used to install the app, the best solution would be to delete and reinstall the app while the right Apple ID is logged on in your AppStore.


Please do make a manual backup of your note database in MarginNote 3 before deleting the app. Deleting the app without a manual backup will erase all locally stored documents and notebooks and they would not be retrievable.

Manual Backup: MarginNote 3/.../Settings/Data-Backup and Restore.

Kind Regards,
Support Team