Assistive excerpt is capturing text blocks, headers, etc. as images/bitmaps, why?

When using Assistive Excerpt, when I double-tap/click a block that is purely text, it makes a card that is a bitmap graphic of the text, rather than a text card. Is there a way to have Assistive Expert make text-based cards?

Bitmaps of text are inefficient and useless to me.

And yes, the original file is text.

I found if I have Convert Rect Images to Text enabled that it does make cards the way I want them. My worry is that it’s still storing a bitmap somewhere and that is inefficient.


Currently not possible, you can set text priority in more after multiple selections

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Support Team

Well, that is most unfortunate and with the inefficiencies already present in cloud storage and MN, this just makes the feature useless. I do understand how it can help some users, and I guess I’ll use it exclusively for images that I need to excerpt (rare).

Please consider text-only auto excerpting with Assistive Excerpt feature. Thank you.