Audiobook .m4b format please :D

Hi MarginNote,

I use MarginNote 3 for all my studying and reading and I love it! Thank you so much :smiley:

I’m writing because I’ve recently become interested in audiobooks and I want to study from them in MarginNote, along with all my other books.

But, currently, it seems like MarginNote only recognises general ‘.mp4’ files, whereas I need to use ‘.m4b’ files - the audiobook format which includes chapters.

Please could you enable .m4b functionality? Chapters would really make a huge difference for me :smiley:

Thank you very much,

Thank you for writing in. I have raised your request to our Development team. As mentioned earlier, all user requests will be considered but we cannot assure a time frame when it will be put into effect. Please feel free to contact us again if you need any assistance and we will be happy to provide further help.

That’s great thanks!

How will I know if/when the development goes ahead?


Hi again,

Quick question - which m4b files can MarginNote open?

I’m confused because I have some audiobooks that can be imported into MarginNote (MarginNote calls them mp4) and some that can’t be imported - but they’re all m4b files… they all seem the same to me… why can MarginNote open some m4b files and not others?

Thanks again :smiley:

Hello, any video that can be viewed in preview on a Mac can be used in Marginnote.