Auto note title / content setting with simple placeholders

It would be great to have a setting to create a template for new notes. For example, the user could write: {yyyy}{mm}{dd}{hh}{mm} - {highlight} and this would start every note in the following template:
20180827093 - “your higlighted text”

This would be very helpful for zettelkasten and other notetaking methods. Perhaps it could be a shortcut [N1] on the highlight toolbar rather than making every new note adhere to it.

Why overload the title field with all of this information?

In fact, each note already has timestamp information inside the database. MarginNote just needs to make it accessible.

The beauty of templates would be that everybody could do as much or as little as they want. It wouldn’t have to be the title, it could also be the note content as a starter template.

Perhaps they could also offer this on export so that people can export to dynamically named text files that they can incorporate into their archive/note software.

Yes, that makes sense. Improved export is important too.

The current direction of MarginNote seems to be that we will be given JavaScript and some sort of API, and then it’s more or less up to us to write scripts to do this sort of thing. I’m not clear on how that will work for export, though, as JavaScript is typically sandboxed and not allowed to talk to the local disk.