Automatically downloading all pdf files stored in iCloud

Not sure if anyone else experienced same issue but…its really disappointing that all pdf stored in Icloud are automatically downloading in my iPhone and consuming all storage…then what’s the point of iCloud ? any suggestion please ? thanks

Hello, cag.pta,

I’m sorry about it. At present, it’s difficult to solve this issue.

If you want to remove the PDFs from your iPhone, please follow the steps:

  1. tap on “…” which is on the bottom left of the screen.
  2. select the document tab
  3. then you are able to delete these PDFs from device, and these PDFs won’t download again.
    Sorry for the incovenience.


thanks for your quick response…
well I am aware about that functionality but I am too scared to use that because of my past experience!! I wanted to clear some space from iPhone and I did that to delete few notebooks with the hope that all other devices will retain those notebooks…and guess what…those notebooks were deleted from iPhone, iCloud and all other devices…I am left empty hand for my months of hard work to prepare those notebooks…don’t know was that a bug of something else but I paid a heavy price.

do you think, that kind of problem won’t happy again…if I do simply " " deleted from device option ? thanks

Oh, that’s terrible!

I’m really sorry that we have no advanced warning about it. If you delete files(doc notebook or mindmap notebook) in the corrresponding “cloud sync” tab, you will clearly see three options: 1. Download from iCloud, 2. Delete from Device and iCloud, 3. Delete from Device.

When you directly delete mindmap notebooks in Study interface, the notebook will be deleted both in your device and iCloud. However, you can still recover the deleted files in the “Trash Bin”.

If you still worry about losing your data, I recommend you to heve regular back-ups, which will increase the security on database.

thanks for clarifying about difference in study interface vs cloud sync deletion.

well regarding worry about loosing data, its always there in back of my mind…but backing-up each pdf is also a daunting task…by any chance you people will incorporate back-up all notebooks with pdf documents too ?


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That’s a good idea, I will submit it to the developer. Thanks for your reply!

thanks a lot


I believe there will be a big change on sync in version3.7.

when that is due to release ? thanks

This is a difficult quetion to answer. We will first improve handwritting experience by introduncing pencil kit in version 3.6.

As there is only one developer in the entire team(you may be surprised), it’s a hard thing for him to handdle two features. Please give us some more time.

Thanks for your understanding!

Best regards!