Automatically link exported highlights to original document

Hello, as a social psychology student, I read lots of PDF’s, and MN is the perfect tool I was looking for all these years.

First, I use (unfortunately not MN) PDF expert to rapidly create a table of contents. Then import to MN. I read and annotate and add to notebook within MN. It is automatically grouped by chapter. Then, I hierarchize, emphasize and tag in the study mode. For further treatment, I export the notebook to Evernote, from there import to Notion, make it look nice (and save a page of the document with the original file, tags, author related pages, eventually a mind map done with iThoughts or other mind mapping software that imports from MN). This way I basically use Notion as an advanced library/bookshelf for scientific articles). Finally I export to Roam Research for reviewing, making connections within the material, understanding the field, the ideas.

One cool feature about MN is that it can get you to the original document when you need to see the context in which the highlight / annotation takes place. This works directly from Roam, so when you click on a linked excerpt, MN shows you the associated note, and you can retrieve the annotation/highlight’s original context.

This is AMAZING !

BUT… To be able to perform my academic work, I also use Kindle paperwhite for reading large books, for medical reasons: no screen in the evenings (cause insomnia) and a lighter device than iPad for reading (cause wrist problems). I would like to do the same information extraction/arrangement/retrieval for the kindle books as I do for PDF’s.

Until now, here is how I proceed: I export kindle highlights to Readwise, from there to Evernote, and then I am able to import them to MN for further treatment (mind mapping, emphasize), and then export them to Evernote again, so I can import them to Notion and, finally, to Roam Research. The same. But I don’t get the links to the original document where the highlight was extracted from.

Here is where I need help, please…

When I export from Kindle, I get a new document containing only the highlights. Not the original document. Only highlights are exported.

So I would like to “link” the freshly exported highlights to the original document, automatically. As I have many highlights for a given book, searching manually for an excerpt in the original document, and highlight it again in MN, is tedious and takes too much time.

I’ve been looking all over the web but could’nt find anything that would really work.

Could anyone please help me out with how to automatize the process of linking the two documents I get (one with the extracted highlights and one with the original text)?

Once the links are created (within MN would be better for making mind maps, emphasizing and tagging, but it could be elsewhere if needed), I could easily retrieve the context for the final step of this whole workflow: writing a cool essay, I hope :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.


Hello, are you looking for some sort of tool to enable the exported highlighted excerpts in kindle to locate the original document? I’m afraid this is technically difficult to do directly, but if you could put the ebook of the original document into marginnote, perhaps through a javascript plugin, you could do it: for example, read your highlighted notes exported from kindle in some sort of delimited fashion, and then automatically excerpt them in marginnote.
This plugin is just an idea. If I understand correctly, direct positioning from Marginnote using exported excerpts is almost impossible.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

Hello, thank you very much for your reply, and sorry for my late one now.

Yes, automatically excerpt the highlights would definitely do, so you recommend a javascript for it. Ok… I have no idea how to do that but will have a look. Thank you :slight_smile: