Automation for the PDF with annotations export?

Hello there,

I’ve recently installed MN3. It looks very promising: dark theme, great annotations, and all the other blows and whistles.

My case is that I mostly read, annotate, and make notes on the MN3 then I manually export the PDF and again manually upload it to the network storage to continue the work on the PC (not a Mac). This is quite annoying, so I thought I’d find some extension that at least provides a button performing all the actions and uploading the PDF to HTTP/SMB/FTP/WebDAV/ANYTHING except iCloud.

Did I miss something? Is there such a thing?

P. S. I’ve tried to read the OhMyMN documentation to figure out how to implement it myself with an extension. I’ve found the fetch() function to upload stuff, but I couldn’t find the PDF export API or toolbar API anywhere.