Awesome plugins in MN3

As there is relatively little information about plug-ins in the English community, we will publish the information about plug-ins in the Chinese community here, which may bring you some help. If you have an understanding of Chinese, or with the help of translation tools, you can also go to the Chinese forum for more information

Development guide

As the plug-in development guide has not yet been completed, there is only a preview version in Chinese at present. After the completion of the production, the translation will be carried out. If you are interested, you can try to browse it, and you may get some harvest
Chinese preview of plugin Development Guide

Published plugins

Official plug-in

The official plug-ins have been updated in the English community. You can view them in the following areas

Community plugin

  • ReResearch——Automatically search for selected content in external browsers

After the plug-in is opened, selecting the text in the document will automatically open the external browser search.

  • SearchInEudic——Automatically search for selected words in European dictionary

This plug-in is a special version of ReResearch. For the realization of using European dictionary to search words

  • [Omnifocus3,Thing3,Reminders,Sorted3,Mematom,TickTick]PlugIn

This series of plug-ins can add the contents of marginote3 to GTD software

  • AutoDef—— Title excerpt optimized for batch creation of term definition Title links

After the plug-in is opened, the title will be automatically updated to the title link style when the excerpt / Title with bilingual name is selected

  • Autotitle With Excerpt——An alternative to the official plug-in

Add this content to the excerpt section of the card at the same time as using auto add title.

  • SwitchTitle ——Manual conversion of excerpt title to solve format inconsistency

From autotitle with Excel 228As a result, you don’t have to worry about whether you want a title or an excerpt~

  • InstantCopy——Automatically copy the selected words to the system clipboard

When the card and extract are operated, the contents are automatically copied to the clipboard