Backup and import

I found there is rather less discussion or reference in the backup and import while it is very important. It will be a nightmare if the data is loss without backup. I think MN will need to develop more on that and also illustrate how it works in youtube.

Like when I backup the whole data in MN via ‘backup and restore’ once, do I need to keep doing that? Or is it better it will sync the backup automatically every time I make an edit. It will be even better if it can sync the new added document and mindmap. You don’t want to save a new document every time you edit on a pdf. Instead, you want them to save the change every time you close it.

Also, Im not sure how can I import a backup file if I got a new Ipad. I would also like to ask is there some simple way to share the documents and mindmap among the MN user? Cause recently my friend is considering to join. It will be so much effective if we can share the work.

While I backup via ‘backup & restore’ this msg pop out ‘Failed to retrieve the item from camera roll. Please check that it is still available on the device’. Im not sure what does it matter with my camera lol.
Currently Im using Onedrive.


Hello, you can start icloud for synchronization

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Support Team