Batch exporting of notebooks

Dear MarginNote team,

I am pretty happy with the export options for notebooks that MarginNote offers, in general.

The only concern is that there is no way to batch export notebooks to other formats. If you could add some mechanism for processing all notebooks in one go, this would be very valuable for my workflows.

For example, I would like to be able to run a batch operation on all of my notebooks, which exports them as MindManager maps or as RTF files.

The main problem is that it is currently necessary to open each notebook individually, wait until the export has completed and then do the same thing manually for all other maps. That makes it impractical for me to regularly export notebooks to other formats, because I have a lot of notebooks.

It would be totally acceptable, if the batch processing takes a long time. Ideally, there would be a progress indicator and time estimate until completion, but this is not essential.

Thank you for considering.

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