Batch OCR

I’ve imported a pdf into Marginnote and it had many highlights I’d annotated to it in Readlle’s Documents iOS app.
I keyword tagged many of those highlights in Marginnote and exported all annotations to Evernote. All the highlights that were made on that PDF (in the Readlle app before sending to Marginnote) show up as pics in the Evernote export. Is there a way to batch OCR all the highlights in MN3 before export?

Is this what pro OCR does?

Isn’t Marginnote 4 coming around summer? Does pro OCR transfer to it if it’s bought now?


For the first part - we are not quite sure how Readlle works so cannot give a confirmed answer.

OCR Pro enables you to directly select words and sentences in a scanned PDF.

We are not quite sure when will MarginNote 4 come exactly, but MarginNote 3 will be under support and maintenance for a long time and it will be more stable, so feel free to choose MarginNote 3.

Kind Regards,
Support Team