Batch reorder of documents in Mindmap notebook

Although I love the details about moving single document (when the mouse pointe automatically shifts),
this is a must-feature to users who deal with bunch of documents in a single mind map notebook.

  • Nested folder feature in Mind map notebook, just like document. (Although I just added Raycast’s Quicklink feature for every single mindmap notebook recently, it’s a pain to see a mess every time I click Study tab.)

No, the sort order in that window can’t be changed, unfortunately.

However, if documents for the mind map are in the same folder then you could sort that folder by name or recency.

Then the document in question can be added to study from here. Or you open the document and then access the study notebook via the linked notebooks button in the top left (document mode).

What do you mean by sort order in that window (mindmap notebook) can’t be changed?

It can be changed in mindmap notebook.
What I’m asking for, is to batch order multiple documents, because ordering documents with every single click taks a long, long time.

Yeah, it’s a typo. I meant that batch changing the order is not possible.

Same for documents, but at least the sort order can be alphabetic here instead of random. That makes the list easier to navigate especially with many items.

I usually add a prefix when importing documents into MN, helps a bit to organize them.

Yes, which is why I requested for a feature.

I also use a prefix (01, 02, 03) to order documents in order. (since 1, 2, 3 would mess up if 10 or more comes up)
Documents is much more easier, since editing the name of the file in finder is piece of cake.
Even tool like Hazel could come in to help batch renaming in documents, since changing file name in iCloud drive is possible.

However, in mind map notebook, which tends to hold lots of document, is where batch editing would be really helpful IMO.

+1 for this feature request

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