Best way to handle “todos” for ongoing learning about a topic?

I’m a MarginNote newbie so apologies if I’m missing something obvious with this question.

I’m attempting to teach myself to play guitar. To do this I’m gathering a bunch of information from different sources into MarginNote. This is great for organizing information but I’m getting the sense that I need to keep a “learning todo list” of things to practice and topics to research later.

How do other people keep track of these “todos” with MarginNote? It would be nice to keep everything in MarginNote instead of using a separate app. Is there a way to tag/mark comments for later followup? It would be great to be able to filter out a list of “for further research” comments that might be in any given note. Is that possible?

Thanks for any insights!

I agree and I wanted to talk about this in a different way.
MarginNote could be used for wide range. I hope @Support-Team and @admin will care about this.
Maybe there will be a speciality soon not just todo but also tag nodes for future information.
Let me explain like this:

You create a new tag named ‘for further research’ and another tags for ‘months’ and another tags for days ‘1-30’… and open a new study (Lets say TODO for name) for just keep these tags under control…
You create a -special- nodes for every tags that I wrote in TODO. (Let’s imagine These tags are parent for future information under these name)
you open any document. As you face new task or information, you begin to tag (I wroted) them.
Every time you add new information that tag; in TODO, the nodes with that tags will be parent for these information without any effort, or search or link attempt.
(If the ,-special- node/tag for future notes, speciality will be implemented)

And that will be marvellous not just ToDo purpose but also for any study that includes lots of information or needs to be organised :pill:without little effort.

But for now, Unfortunately you need to refresh the TODO (search these tags, find that information, add as a links or copy them) after you add any information to these tag.

And that will take your willpower source and doesn’t let this app as used for todo type purposes.

I hope I wrote it clearly.

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Thanks about this feedback. We will have a discussion about them.

Kind Regards,
Support Team



The way I approach this is by color coding the nodes and then using the outline and the filters. Using this method you only capture the nodes within one study document at a time. Hopefully the image attach will explain it graphically.