Better interface to adding documents to study


When I add documents to a study I am only given a search list. I have hundreds of papers and slides and I might not remember the filenames of all of them. Being able to browse/filter by folders and category would be a huge help.

Even better would be to be able to add to an existing study from inside a document and inside the document browser(such as in the select functon to move or add category). Currently there is an option to add to a new study from inside a document but adding to an existing study would be a game changer for me…

AFAIK you can add files by Import Document (the upper-right corner; which provides a folder view from either your PC or Marginnote itself) after clicking Manage in the study mode, which should be the same process as what you did in the read mode. Just make sure the two documents you added to the read and study mode respectively have the same name (if you choose files again from PC). They will be connected to each other.


Thanks for Outsider’s solution. When you’re using ‘import document’ , MN will identify if existing files and adding it directly.

By the way, we have a plan to make better drag n drop mechanism. Maybe you will be able to drag new files into a study subject in the future.

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is there any method to just drag and drop files into a study notebook? So from the finder, just select a file and drag it into the application.


I’m working on this. That’s exactly what I intend too.:handshake: @hugocool

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