Better Orientation- TİTLE SHOWCASE

When the TİTLE on mind map card /nodes created ;
İt should be viewed even if user zoom out mind map (LİKE LİQUİDTEXT)
For better orientation we need it



Absolutely. At the moment the Orientation in the map when you zoom out is terrible.
One Solution could also bee to increase the font size of the titles when zooming out.
Any solution to that would be a big improvement.

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For instance, if the title of the framework would get bigger while zooming out and then again smaller while zooming in would be an easy, but great way to orient oneself in a complex mindmap while searching for information quickly.

Fellow heavy users of MarginNote,
would you also like to have a feature of better orientation in
your complex Mindmaps to orient yourself better and faster
while zooming in and zooming out of your maps?

  • Yes, I am interested in such a helpful feature
  • No, I am not interested in orienting myself more easy

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The problem is , the forum is not good for communication to other users.

Can you make a new group of Telegram and make a new post in here to invite people there ?

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Still waiting

Sorry for the delay. Is there a MarginNote Telegramm Group?

no problem

i had said ‘’still waiting’’ for request of upgrade of speciality to MN

you can come here

Hey guys, I am struggling with my big mindmaps. I have a lot of nodes and framework groups. But when I look at my mindmap, I loose orientation as there is so much info… I would like to have an option, where, when I zoom out, the size of the framework titles get bigger and the normal nodes get smaller. So that I can use framworks with big letters to orient myself and know where to zoom in to find my information. Any ideas?


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