Better PDF management for Margin note. Enabling utility with other apps like obsidian

I am a student working part time. I do a lot of learning from a variety of books both for school and work. Obsidian has ways to view PDFs. But I love margin note for the process of annotating my PDFs. I don’t want to have multiple copies of files. What I really need is a way to have both margin note and obsidian able to access the same folder (which has all my PDFs in it).

This is currently not possible because the PDFs of margin note are held under the iCloud Drive margin note folder and can not be moved. I would love it if we could chose any folder in my local directory to hold my PDFs. This feature would greatly improve my workflow and the workflow of many others.



Thank you for your suggestion, we will consider it.

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What should be added to margin note for u to use this app only (without obsidian )
I wonder your thought

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