Black hand-written notes from iPad aren't synced to the Mac

Hi everyone, I’ve just updated both my iPad and my MacOS app to the latest version. I’ve noticed that handwritten notes in PDF files made on my iPad aren’t synced correctly with the MacOS app when I choose black ink. Unlike notes in other colours, the notes written in black ink just disappear from the pdf documents in the MacOS app. Does anybody else have the same problem or am I doing something wrong? Thanks for your help.


If you are using PencilKit on your iPad, please ensure that Marginnote on your Mac has been updated to the newest version (at least 3.7).

However if you are using the original Marginnote handwriting, from my test it should sync to your computer within 30 seconds.

Could you provide more details or some screenshots about this issue? For instance, are other colors working now?

There might be some dark-mode bugs for our Mac version currently, so it might be helpful if you change your theme not to be dark.

Otherwise, I personally cannot offer any suggestion other than turning it off and on again (both the software and the notebook) and see if it works.

Very best
QSD - Support Team