Black underlines

Hi everyone :slight_smile: I have just started using Margin Note and I must say that it is fantastic, I have been looking for something similar for a very long time and I am happy to see that there is a comunity behind it that seems very active to me.

The black underlines I speak of in the title of the topic appear on the documents after I excerpt some text from it; this only happens in the Mac version of Margin Note 3, when I use MN3 on my Ipad this does not happen (using the same document) … but on both Mac and Ipad the text is as if it is selected too high when I create excerpt.

For greater clarity I am attaching an image: the excerpts made with the Mac are in yellow, the green ones are made with Ipad.

I couldn’t find any option to disable this behavior, can anyone explain to me how to do it? I would be very grateful, because otherwise the text on the document, with all those black underlines offset upwards from the text itself, is not very pleasant to read.

Welcome @alguerto !

Click/tap on a highlighted area, then click/tap the palette icon, from there you will have the option to set the highlight style that you want.

Edit: This seems to go to highlight and underline mode on its own sometimes. I’ve not been able to isolate the bug so I’ve not reported it. When I see it switch to underline mode I just set all the ones that got ‘broken’ and then it seems to remember it. This only happens once or twice every couple weeks of extensive use so I’ve not counted it as a ‘bad’ problem yet.

Thank you so much! I was getting crazy :smiley: