BOOKXNOTE windows version of Marginnote?

Anyone tried Bookxnote ? What are the differences between Marginnote ?

Also İs there anyone in here who has capability to make this app’s English version?


You can go to the Bookxnotes installation directory, go to the lang folder and change the zn_cn.xml file to the zn_cn.xml file that I attached below. To know where the installation directory is, you should pay attention to the current path during the software installation process.
zh_cn.xml (35.3 KB)

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Oh thank you so much
İ ll keep u updated when i try

Another question

Do they have forum in english ?

Oh, I don’t know :slight_smile:

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Does books note has title link speciality?

Yes, you can try, but you must register to be a senior user to do it

You can use google lens to translate image :))
But I still can’t register because I don’t have China phone to receive SMS :frowning:
Do you has any friend in China? :slight_smile:

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İ wish i have :slight_smile:

By the way it worked ! the app turned english version

thank you

i didnt also register

whats the diffirence for usage

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