Buddy of framework ⛄️

Lets say you are telling stories with frameworks only.
So you are capturing frames from documents.
Imagine “A,B,C,D” frames in detailing order. (B is child of A, C is child of B…)

But when you get “E” you ll notice “E” is result “A”.
That’s where the storyteller of framework is gets confused.
Because when you make “E” is a child of “A” you will have some problems about flow

  1. it won’t look so nice unfortunately

  1. if another form of “B” happens after “E” these will be same position.

  1. if we try a little different view for solution by making just “A” tree mode.
    Then if another form of “A” happens after “E” we ll get another looking problem…

So my WISH is buddy of framework For keeping the flow of storyteller and reader of framework…
(Not a summary mode)

By the way; the user can make only one summary, in another words
You cant make a another summary of framework that connected old summary, it goes as a child.
There are lots of content that includes so many summary in summary…
For better flow, making summary thing is shouldn’t be limited

Thank you for considering



Got it. I have reported this to the development team.

Kind Regards,
Support Team

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