BUG: Default Insertion Position stuck


I am using Margin Notes 3 to annotate a reasonably sized epub textbooks and half way though, the “Default Insertion Position” has become stuck on “Non-Auto Grouped”, with no way of changing it back to “Auto-Grouped by Table of Contents”.

If I create a new study using the same epub, the option is re-enabled.

  1. Restarting the application does not solve the issue.
  2. The issue persists through backup and restore of the study.

Clicking on the menu item results in a stuck menu - the item remains highlighted, however menu does not transition as it normally does to presenting the three options. Upon closer inspection, the menu item appears disabled (no “>” is present, and the text appears to be greyed out).


Hi tian,

Welcome new to the forum!

Sorry for the late reply. Although MN support multi-formats like epub pdf txt, the main new feature is focused on the PDF. So it is suggested to transfer your files into PDF for further note.

1, Calibre supports converting ePub files into PDF ones, and MarginNote 3 has a more robust tool set for PDF annotations.

2, Convertio is an online service to converting epub into PDF.

Support Team

Hello Lanco,

Thank you for the workaround of converting to PDF.

Will the team be investigating this bug?

From a user perspective it would be good to know if epub is supported or not. Converting to PDF, and remarking all the notes (in my case, over 600 pages) is pretty poor user experience - if this issue will not fixed, then it may be better to remove epub support from the feature listing as I doubt that I’d be the only person to run into this.