BUG - Emphasised words in export are lost in MS WORD

Please make the emphasised (bolded) words from study notes available in the MS Word (docx) export.
The bolded words cannot be seen in MS WORD when exported please make this feature available.

Ok, thanks for you report.

I really need this feature for my workflow.

When is this likely to be fixed?

Any updates or feedback please?

I am using IpadOS 13.1

Is this gonna be fixed?

I found a workflow to solve this issue.Later I will write down in the forum after my flight landing.

@Lanco_Support-Team What is the solution?

Query remains unanswered!

Try this powerful tool with a certain MarginNote export format you satisfied(Ominioutliner or Mindmap):

You cloud create OPML through Ominioutliner or Mindmap and then converting into docx by Pandoc.
Also, Pandoc will be an export extension in MarginNote in the future.

Currently OPML export and Python Data Export API is still under development.