BUG in new version: change default OCR language

Can’t change default OCR language. Every new document shows up as English and Chinese despite changing it in previous document. So every document reverts to English and Chinese. This recognises characters in English text. OCRing comments also auto converts English and Chinese

Second issue - not An issue as such but a look over - hand off is a new thing? Tested it and did not work and no option in Mac. However you said Mac version is not out yet. Still hand off option on iPad is available which is confusing.
Also, after testing the new OCR feature compared to the old feature, I noticed some elements are worse than the old ocr but some are better. Again, very very marginal improvements, nothing major. I don’t see hand writing index as stated previously somewhere. I’m not sure what the new Alcoa is supposed to improve, in fact it gets rid of certain elements such as my dot points which can be very annoying. I am happy with the live text select OCR though (instead of rectangle) and might justify the purchase but would like to see the default language be able to be set as said previously. Still, I would like some extra information as to how this new OCR compares to the old one as currently they are equal (ish)

Edit: Force language to English doesn’t change anything as well

Hi Mellyboo,

1, Default OCR Language is really an omission. It will be fixed in the next minor update.
2, Handwriting Recognition is imperfect by now,only the handwriting by annotation in PDF will be recognized when using Rect Excerpt. It will be improved after several minor updates. We will firstly improve the Handwriting experience.
3, The old OCR is using for Auto Correct. It’s an option in menu for secondary proofreading.
4, Mac version will be released about one or two weeks later.
See the demo video: