BUG on MacOS: Can't import from Evernote

I’m new to MarginNote and it looks promising… I’m trying to find workflow that would be suitable for annotating multiple long law documents. These are accessible as a webpages.

I can’t import the webpage directly from browser embedded in MarginNote because it can’t access the site I need to use. I’m using Chrome with webproxy to access wepages I need. That is why I use Evernote Web Clipper to capture those webpages and hopefully transfer the to MarginNote for annotations.

I have connected my Evernote account. I want to use the process of Saving clip (Web clipper by Evernote) of the web page (Simplified article view) with Chrome browser extension into Evernote.

Pages are correctly saved in Evernote and can be viewed and edited in Evernote without any problems.

The problem is that when I try to import them using MarginNote some notes work and some don’t. It displays blank page and Notebook: null @Support-Team

See below:

So far only about 1 of 10 web pages saved into Evernote can be imported into MarginNote3.

That’s a bug, thanks for your report!

Support Team

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OK, do you need more informations?

When can I expect fix?

I’ve just started Trial period to test if this app suits my needs…

Hello, if you can, please share the notebook which is null in MarginNote within Evernote to q1758646641@163.com. It will help a lot.

Support Team

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Just tried with this discussion page and same error. Imported as “Simplified article” to Evernote and shared this one with you…


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Thanks, we will try to fix it.

Support Team

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I am having a similar issue, when importing from Evernote not the title page is imported. When importing it looks like it is working “Calculating Pages” but all that shows up is (1:50) 1/2. the document is larger than that.

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Hello Lea, any update in this matter? Thx!

I’m now paying user and really hope this is going to be fixed soon …

I haven’t heard from @Support-Team … is that bug confirmed and reproduced? Are you working on it?

Hello ,n3tcarlos .Sorry for the bad experience.

Have you tried the import method below? By importing in the view of the learning mode, the articles of the evernote are entered as note cards instead of documents.

If the import is successful, check the note card generated by the evernote import, then click on the card to go to the card editing screen and see if there is article content in the annotation field.


I’ve tried and importing Evernote note in Study mode works. Only import in “Document” mode returns “NULL”.

But that solves nothing. I’m unable to annotate that document… I can only add more comments.

Can you please finally fix the bug…? I’m pretty disappointed with support team approach. I’ve supplied everything needed to reproduce this bug 24 days ago. Still no confirmation that this bug was identified and when it is going to be fixed…

I’m thinking about requesting refund from Apple.

The same bug is in iOS version so this is not limited to Mac OS.

Hello, there are many reasons why importing documents fail.

  1. evernote account binding failure
  2. Wrong format of notes
  3. The notes are too big.
  4. Network reasons

You can successfully import notes, but the import document fails, which may be related to the format or size of the corresponding notes in evernote.

It is recommended that you try the following three actions in evernote and then import the generated PDF into marginnote:.

  1. in the notes, right mouse button, select “Convert Notes to PDF”, notes will be automatically converted to PDF format and a new note saved in this notebook.
  2. when printing, click the bottom left corner of the page “PDF”, select “Save as PDF”

These days we’ve received evernote-notebooks from other users as well, and there are some other cases of import failures. We’ve been working on this. Evernote is able to crawl information from all kinds of websites without any obstacle, which you also mentioned that some websites that even marginnote can’t intercept, evernote can do, which at least means that evernote is more sophisticated in storing relevant information. This is the reason, as the direct import of marginnote into evernote is not yet mature enough, so it is possible to get “null” in the above situation.

The position of marginnote and evernote in knowledge management is different, evernote is obviously more professional in information capture and can handle more situations. But marginnote can be even more helpful when you need to read material and organize your knowledge structure.

We developed the import function with the complementary situation of marginnote and other applications in mind, now PDF is the best supported file format in marginote, you can save the web pages you need through evernote and marginnote can not intercept, then print the notes into PDF and then import into marginnote for processing, this process we can guarantee it will not have any obstacles.

Looking forward to your reply.


Marginnote’s import is clearly mature enough, because it can import the document from Evernote in Study mode. Importing same document in “Document” mode doesn’t work.

That is clearly a bug, not a matter of maturity…

Please don’t tell me general reasons. As I said importing same document in Study mode works fine.

Let’s be specific. Are you willing to try to import this very page (our discussion in Discourse forum) into Evernote and then into Marginnote?

btw. Your advise to convert documents in Evernote to PDF first is useless for me, because I need this workflow to work on iPad (import webpage to Evernote and then to MarginNote) not only on Mac.

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I would agree with @n3tcarlos. Same issues.

I’m a paying customer of MarginNote (as a user of Setapp ), and I’m experiencing this problem since around 6 months – 1 year. What’s the most irritating for me is that Margin Note’s support team never replied to my email support requests. Finally I see that other users are struggling with that problem.

Dear Margin Note support team (@Edward_Support-Team, @Lea_Support-Team and others). Can you use an English version of the application while you’re explaining the features and the ways to use them?

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Sorry, I’ll be careful to use the English version for the explanation afterwards.

I have already raised this case to our Development team. All user requests will be considered and implemented but we cannot assure a time frame when it will be put into effect.

Please feel free to contact us again if you need any assistance and we will be happy to provide further help.


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I seems like the bug is there for months, Marginnote devs know about it and just don’t care to fix it…

Very disappointing…

Yes, Chinese screenshots in English forum are just ridiculous.

That is exactly the approach that will cost you customers. I’m going to try LiquidText instead.

This is not a request, this is a bug and that means the product is not working as advertised. I’ll request refund from Apple and link to your response.

If you were proper support team, you’d test the app with goal to reproduce and confirm the bug. Instead you seem to hide that this is a bug, trying to move responsibility to your customer.


As a customer service employee, it is my job to confirm bug recurrence and feedback to the development department, and I have conveyed the progress of the specific debugging in the previous reply.

Also, I offer alternatives whenever possible before the version fix is released, in the hope of reducing user losses. With regard to my inappropriate use of Images of the Chinese interface to explain, I was careless in this regard. But overall I did my part in the process.

I didn’t deny or hide that it was a bug, there was also a staff member up front who clearly replied to you and defined the issue as a bug, I thought our conversation was in that context and if there was a misunderstanding because of my wording then it was my fault.


Looking forward to the fix!

We will stick around, because despite of some bugs MarginNote still adds a lot of value to our research process.

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