Bug Report for iOS ver 3.3


Open a document in MN3 and put iPad Pro (2018/12.9 inch/iOS 12.2) in landscape, then lock the screen. When unlocking iPad in portrait, the page indicator bar which should be below the text does not revert to the correct position. Instead, the page indicator mixes with text in the same absolute height as landscape.
I tried different ePUB and PDF documents, none exception, even the welcome document.

Hope it will be solved soon.


Hi there, if this issue could be replicated on your device, please screen record the whole process and send the video to service@marginnote.com. We’ve tried the steps you’ve mentioned in this post but could not reproduce this issue.

Here is the know-how of screen record on your iOS devices:
How to record the screen on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch

Support Team