Bugs importing MN3 pkg to MN4

I made the rash decision of moving over to MN4.

I saved all of my MN3 study sets as .marginpkg files. Opened them in MN4. Seemed ok, but now that I am using them, I see a major problem. When I click on some mind map entries, it does not take me to the associated document. They are all videos. Doesn’t work on ones that do not contain annotations (i.e. the document only exists as a node in the mind map). In other words, if I added a video to the mind map without annotating part of the video, MN4 cannot find the document when I click on the mind map entry (either in the mind map or in outline view).

In MN3, if I click on the node in the mind map (or outline), it opens the video in the document view. No point having a mind map if clicking on the nodes does nothing!

This is unacceptable as I have about 150 videos in this study set. The work I put into creating the mind map has been lost in MN4. So, I’m going back to MN3.

Please fix and respond to this thread when done.

(macOS 14.5; MN4 v4.0.8)