Can Emphasized text create stand alone notes?

Does anyone know if there’s a setting that enables users to create stand alone notes from text that has been emphasized? If so, how does one do this?


I am also looking for this feature. I don’t think its available in the current version.

I am thinking of using a clipboard manager to work around this. You can copy emphasised part to the clipboard mananger and then paste all the content in a new note.

Actually, I think MarginNote can (and should) create a preference that would allow text that’s used for Emphasis to create a stand alone note.

Here’s the thing… Users can basically do the same thing if they highlight a section of text with one color, and then apply a different highlighter color to s section with that text – effectively creating the Emphasis effect with the nice blue underline, but with creating another note! So, if one can use that hack solution by combining highlighter colors, one can probably tweet the Emphasis command so that it provide user with the option to create a separate note.

Lets hope MarginNote can do it!

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