Can I add "pages" into Cards?

My note-taking style consists of taking extensive notes, by that I mean that I try to re-explain certain complex concepts by using my own simplified words so that when I review the content, I understand better. As you can imagine, this requires a lot of typing. As a result, I find myself with giant cards. Manipulating them is difficult and they are not visually appealing to a point that seeing the links between cards becomes frustrating (cause I have to zoom out to see that full giant card but then zoom in again in order to see the connection lines between cards. Don’t know if you got it, but trust me. it is a very bad experience).

So I thought: what about typing a short description inside the card (3-4 raws maximum) and for further and more extensive info, I can add the rest of the content on another page (that I access by clicking on its related Hyperlink icon that is present in the card).
The final result would be to have small and visually appealing “cards” that are linked and connected to each other in the map canvas, but each card can contain a markdown page (or more than one) with much more detailed info.
of course I expect those pages to be exported as well when I export the Map into Word Document or Mindmap.

Is it already possible?

Thank you!


could you please take a picture for that?

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Sorry for my late reply!
These are some screenshots I took for demonstration.
Let me explain better:

  • In image 1 I add my additional explanation as a comment, the real content contained in the card. This is the only available method.

  • The problem is that by typing a lot, this is the visual result (image 2), which makes it difficult to read (because it requires a lot of zooming in and out) and also to manage all connections since the dimension of the card is big so adding more child-cards will make it more confusing.

  • In image 3, I start explaining what would happen if there was an alternative way to add more content inside a card. i.e. here I just insert in the main description body/comment (same as image 1) just a short summary or description of the card. The result is that we have small cards (easy to manage and manipulate and read).

  • in Image 4, I expect that inside a card there would be a button/option to open a floating window (text editor page) (with support to Markdown so we can insert code blocks, latex formulas, etc.) where we can insert a lot of other digital text + adding sections for handwritten notes/drawing sketches as well. In that window, we obviously add as much text as we want without affecting the appearance of the card. (all that content will be “contained” or hidden inside the card).

  • in image 5, I expect to have a shortcut button, visible when we select the card, to rapidly preview that internal page we created and populated with text.

Lastly, I expect that those internal pages can be exported together with the mindmaps and cards.

I hope you got the idea now!


first it’s very kind of you to give us so many concise ideas, we will seriously consider your idea, and last i have got your idea , thax

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Support Team