Can’t go full screen on some docs

I’ve noticed that when working with some docs the arrow that allows you to close the right margin disappears. If I open a different document, it appears as expected but if l go back to the problematic document it still is not there. The right margin also doesn’t work as normal - you can’t double tap in it to create a note for example.

Hello, JKF,

It’s indeed a confused problem. Could you please give us more information about what you have done before the arrow disappeared?

Really sorry about the bad experience and look forward to your reply.



On this occasion, I’d simply click the arrow to open the right margin but then I couldn’t close it again. It’s back now (working as expected), on the same document - I’ve done nothing to bring it back other than reopen it after a day at work (ps, killing the app and restarting had no effect this morning)


OK, I think it’s maybe a small probability bug, but it did bring you some trouble. We will change the display of right margin in the next version according to developer-min (always visible? I’m just guessing as I’m not the developer.)


Fabulous, thank you for responding

Not a bug or glitch per se. When annotation tool is selected, the <.> arrow between the reading/comment section will be hidden. Just switch back to an excerpt tool and the arrow key should be there for you to either toggle the display or close the right comment section for good.

Oh, fantastic, thank you

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